Global Conference on E-Government at the University of Maryland (March 22-23, 2006)

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Welcome to the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies Global E-Government for Development Conference 2006 - a unique multifaceted learning event for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) professionals, policy makers and government staff involved in providing solutions for a better governance and improvement of public services delivery. Maryland is a leading state in the use of technology and E-Governance, and home to many successful ICT corporations and professionals.

The Conference will discuss strategies and present cases of leading edge expertise and technology solutions that are driving government online solutions all around the world, and inaugurate the CDIG- Center for Digital International Government at UMIACS, as a focal point for institutions, corporations and NGOs looking for advices, technical consultation, exchange of experiences, proof of concept, as well as research and innovation in several areas.





Conference Program

Live Webcast

Live Webcast

This webcast will begin March 22, 2006, 9:00am

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